Better focus and consistency with our timers

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Get better results using the Pomodoro technique on steroids.

Febo time manager isn’t for teams, it’s for individualists.

Febo time manager is for…

entrepreneurs, solo business owners, knowledge workers, and students. They don’t have a boss. They work solo. Now they also need to take responsibility for themselves. They need to beat procrastination first, to have an impact on the world.

Visualize your workload

Kanban board is the best way to visualize work and maximize flow. People who suffer from procrastination get more benefit from the Kanban board with Febo Tasks™️. No cards. 

Track and plan your tasks with Febo Tasks™️

Use Febo Tasks™️ to get going. Even 2 minutes is better than 0 minutes. You beat procrastination in small steps. Febo Tasks™️ has three timers. They are Planned, Today, and Sessions. There can be only one Febo Tasks™️ running at a time. No multitasking!

Press Planned name to plan task time.

The timer makes sounds and stops if planned time runs zero. Use the Pomodoro technique to get going.

Prioritize challenges that are more important

You can’t complete everything. But you must complete the most important stuff. Drag & drop and change your priorities throughout the day.

If you are a student then you can have your school subjects as projects.

Manage Today or Planned time.

Where did your time go? You have to find the balance between Planned time and what you actually have done Today. The key to stopping procrastination is to control your time. 

Hereunder the Febo logo you can click between Total and Project time. You can see how much has Febo tracked for Today. Or you can see how much time have you Planned. 

Every Project has its own tracking. At 00:00, Today’s time starts again from zero.

Simple Statistics

Analyze your week or month. Find out what percentage of the total time you have worked on specific Projects.  See how much money have you earned. Now you can get motivated!

Next Febo version will have a more detailed Statistics dashboard.

See My Pricing

Febo web app has a 14-day no credit card needed trial. After that, you can buy Febo for $25,87 per year or $3.87 per month. Limited time, save -45% with yearly subscription.

How to use Febo task manager?


You have to start somewhere. But you need to start today. Even for 2 minutes.

No credit card needed